2014 Roundup

Having not blogged for oh, about a year, I thought it would be nice to share some of my favorite work from the end of 2013 and 2014.
I’ll start with the 125 Anniversary “Photographers on Photography” piece published at the end of 2013. I worked on this project with an amazing team and it was very special to get to celebrate the 125th anniversary of National Geographic by hearing from the photographers who contribute stories each month.

In February 2014, I published the video “A Voyage into the Brain” along with our cover story on brain research and imaging. This was really a break from the stories I’m used to working on and enjoyed getting push myself while shooting and editing this story.

I published two stories in August 2014 for our feature on Hunger in America. These stories were really emotional for me and I was amazed how people were willing to open up to me about their personal experiences with hunger. Adding to the attachment I had to this project was the story I produced in Arkansas, my home state. It was a great feeling for me to be able to go home and connect with some great people in Fort Smith, Arkansas to tell this story.
Feeding the Elderly in Arkansas

Lastly, I worked on a project featuring innovators from all different fields. One story that we worked on that I feel particularly attached to is a story about cell phone activism in rural India. It was so much fun to shoot and I’m very glad we got to share the CGNet Swara story.

More to come!