PROOF: Walter Boggs

I started a story more than a year ago about Walter Boggs, an engineer who works in the basement of National Geographic. Walter is eccentric and quirky and a genius in his own way. He builds the photography gear that can’t be bought. Photographers come to Walt with requests before they go out on assignment and he finds a way to make it happen.

This was a fun story to shoot–being able to grab my gear and head down to the basement for a few hours here or half an hour there was always a nice break in my day. I’m glad the video found a place to live on National Geographic’s new blog, PROOF. Walter’s work is always behind the scenes and often goes unnoticed. I know that he isn’t looking for recognition but his work has been such an important part of so many National Geographic stories over the past thirty years. I’m so happy to get to share his story. See the video and full post here.

Walter Boggs Working


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